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This week, one of our PhD student, Matt Rowe, showed an unexpected talent for lol-catz. He also showed an unexpected talent for exceptionally specific nerdy humour. Matt’s work went minimally viral, in that everyone in the group thought they were ace and exchanged a flurry of emails about them.

Our PI, suitably impressed with Matt’s efforts, decreed that although they were indeed excellent they would not be featuring on the Microstructure Imaging Group’s website. It was an oddly parental moment. A sound judgement in my opinion, but this means that the circulation of said masterpieces falls to a less official vector: this blog.

So, what’s more nerdy than a lol-cat? a lol-cat based on insider medical image analysis humour.

True, but I've heard that model is a bit noddy...

"What U meen, volume frakshun not correckly normalized?"

There are plans afoot to do something similar every month or so. Let’s see how that works out…


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