I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I was going hiking in the Lake District, and this week (partly because I couldn’t think of anything else to post) I thought I’d share some photos.

We were in a place called Buttermere, which is on the western side of the Lake District, and one day in particular had spectacular weather. Here are a few shots I snapped with my phone.

This is Buttermere, the peaks are High Stile and Red Pike.

And this is the end of the lake (quite like the blasted-tree chic)

This is from a little higher up. We’d been walking for about an hour at this point.

A particularly arty cairn.

A couple of my cousins as we stopped for break.

I have a few more, but you know, less is more. To sign off, though, here’s a photo from a week or two later from Rosemary Gardens in London. It’s a tiny park near my house, which is currently in full autumnal glory.

Hope you like them!