In the mountains of the North, not far south of the wallI’m a scientist. To be more specific, a Senior Research Associate in Medical Image Computing. That means I spend my time analysing data MRI images and EEG, constructing models of the physics of what’s going on and applying various algorithms to it interpret it.

I do a lot of work with Monte-Carlo simulation of diffusion in biological environments and the physics of the scan sequence (some people call this multi-physics simulation). This enables us to test new analysis methods and scan sequences in a controlled way to see how well they do, and to see what their limitations are and if they are suffering from any bias in their results. This is handy because it can be hard to get a good ground-truth in vivo. This is all available as part of the Camino diffusion MRI toolkit ( I have been known to work on a applying the theory of diffusion in fractal and disordered environments to the diffusion imaging process. Several people had similar ideas around this at more or less the same time. That was exciting.

I also work on analysis of EEG data for Brain-Computer Interfaces. This isn’t imaging per se, as I’m not trying to reconstruct images. This is using Machine Learning techniques to interpret the time series from multiple EEG electrodes to allows some to control a computer by thinking. This has applications for patients suffering from locked-in syndrome, and also for healthy individuals who, for whatever reason, want to control a computer or communicate without using their peripheral nervous system.

In addition to research I write papers, teach, give seminars, make grant proposals, support camino users, and enjoy the use of an Oxford comma.